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Intermittent Fasting

Hey everyone it’s been a while since I’ve been online here. I just want everyone to know that I am doing great with intermittent fasting. I also have been going to the gym about 4-6 times a week.

One thing I have learned about intermittent fasting is that you have to enjoy the lifestyle as well. And you can’t look at it like a diet because if you do you will fail. Another way to make it easier is to always make it look like you aren’t fasting. If you always think I’m fasting then you will fail at it. Try to keep busy because you can keep your mind off of it. And of course drink plenty of water. I do occasionally add a very little sea salt to my water once a day. I don’t add enough for flavor but just enough for my health. If you like sea salt you can just eat a few salt crystals and then drink water as long as it’s tolerable for you. I don’t always remember to add salt every day but I try to when I can.

In the past I have added beef broth to my meal window for the minerals it provides for me.

I find that 1 meal a day is the best for me. And if I add anything healthy to eat I always keep it within my 4 hour eating window, but I usually just do it within an hour.

There are exceptions to my eating window because on the weekends for my social life I do change my eating time because like I said before I try not to announce my fasting openly because it makes it easier for me. Most of my family and friends know that I do fast but I don’t talk about unless they ask me. If it makes it easier to talk about it then go for it. I just try not to constantly think about it.


New Intermittent Fasting Guide

crossfit-534615_960_720Fasting Guide

I added a few IF methods on a slide show. I will keep upgrading it and adding more information to it later. Let me know if there is any information you would like to add to it.

Thank you

enjoy my new guide

Intermittent Fasting


I hope everyone finds a way to stay healthy I have been enjoying intermittent fasting and I also implement keto dieting occasionally because it helps my fat burning out. If anyone has good recipes please post links or the recipes on my page. I’m hoping to share knowledge between websites.

And remember the book of the Obesity Code. It builds confidence in intermittent Fasting



Today will be my first day eating after a ten day water fast. I’m really excited about it and I think it will be a wonderful experience eating again. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’m down 20 pounds and I feel great. I decided to stay at 10 Days because today is Father’s Day and it will be great to enjoy time to socialize at dinner with the kids.

Water Fasting last day (10 Days)

I’m so excited!! It’s my last Fasting day of a ten day water fast. I’m really happy because I’m down about 20 pounds. From tomorrow I will start a 1 meal a day and I will do a 3 day water fast every 10 days. To be honest I don’t think Fasting is hard for the reasons of hunger, it’s for the longing of tasting the food that I love. It’s my personal opinion. I’m sure other people have different experiences. Oh the other feeling that I miss is the ability to chew food. But it’s all good now. I’m just proud of myself because I know that I can do something like this.

Water Fasting

I’m almost to 10 Days. I was so close to giving in. I’m not hungry but the smell of food and the longing for the flavor is hard to resist. It’s cool though.

Water fast day seven

I just realized since I skipped a day to send a message that I am at day seven. I’m nearing the the full eighth day which will be tonight. I’m at 200 pounds with drinking lots of water. Now I decided after day 10 I will do a 4 day Intermittent Fasting and a 3 day Fast until I reach my goal. I’m excited to reach it. I just want to say that the experience is great and it’s easier than I thought it would be. I’ll be honest though I do have moments where it’s very difficult but that’s just the feeling of missing the flavor and the satisfaction of a good meal. Eating is a part of socializing and that can be a little tough but I am just thinking about my future health. I think everyone should at least try a 3 day fast every few weeks because it’s a great way to get in touch of yourself and your self governing for clarity.

I do only say that as a personal opinion because I am not a doctor. So don’t do this because I say so. Do your research and consult your doctor first.

Water Fasting

I’m at day 6. Sorry I missed a day of sending a message. I’m doing great I am down 15 pounds and enjoying the extra energy. I’m not sure if it’s cheating in some eyes but I do take multivitamins with no calories of course. It doesn’t make me feel sick without eating so I’m fine taking vitamins.

Water Fasting day 4

I’m down 1 more pound. I am craving food today but I think it’s just because I miss the flavor of certain foods. I’m fine though. I think it’s natural to feel this way. I don’t feel hungry like crazy. It’s only that I miss the taste of things I have a habit of eating. I have been drinking extra water today because I am trying to keep myself from breaking my fast. Other than that I actually have lots of energy and I feel great physically.

Water Fasting

3 full days of water fasting, I’m down 9 pounds. Of course I am weighing myself after I drink plenty of water because I don’t want to give myself a false sense of weight loss. I have already had my blood tested and all my levels are normal. I’m coming up with a break the fast strategy that will be comfortable and easy to do. I actually don’t get hungry anymore. The thing that stops me from temptation is to remember the weight that I was and also if I keep occupied by studying, reading books or meditation/prayer I don’t get tempted. In my experience with fasting it’s always the first 2 days that the temptation is there. One thing I also found helpful was to search for other people’s experiences.

I also want people to know that if you try this please check with your doctor and test yourself in stages to see if your body can do it correctly. I’m not a doctor or a professional in this field. I’m only sharing my experience and if anyone asks me for advice I will only give my opinion and share references to the things I have studied. I will always advise you to go to a doctor and if you do try it it must be your own choice and hopefully you study well before you try it.