Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I did a 7 day fast and broke my fast the other day. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to have a huge feast today. I will probably have to do a 3 day Fast just to recover from all the junk I might add during the day but it’s thanksgiving. I think that I love thanksgiving because it’s always been right after my birthday. I have been blessed this year in so many ways. I hope that everyone who reads this can be blessed and your lives will be full.

I started investing in crypto currency lately and it is starting to show great results. Soon I will start to display some of my favorite currencies and strategies to you. I only bring that up because I’m also grateful I found out about it in it’s infancy.

Enough about that though, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m thankful for you and your support. Have a wonderful thanksgiving day and also an early Merry Christmas shout out. I don’t necessarily understand the Black Friday thing but to anyone crazy enough to go shopping tomorrow, I hope you stay safe and remember no gift is worth breaking the law and fighting over. Stay safe and to anyone who is Of other faiths and don’t celebrate Christmas, I want to say that God be with you and I hope this season is good for you too.

Thanks everyone. My favorite pumpkin pie and a berry pie.

A little disclaimer ( I know I am not a writer or anything so keep in mind that I don’t care if I make mistakes in my writing) 😂😂


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