My Intermittent Fasting Christmas.

Wow during this time of year Intermittent Fasting is very difficult to do. I am very social and when it comes to this time of year it’s hard to not want traditional food. I’m very thankful to knowing how to implement fasting in my life now because even though I haven’t been 100% faithful to my schedule I can always make up for it afterwards. Usually if I go to a dinner or party I don’t mind eating because I know that I can maintain my weight and not have any problems. As for me I still like the term fasting and feasting. I’ve been managing my weight between 80 and 86 pounds this time of year. I’m hoping by next Christmas I can be between 70-75 pounds. Anyways I really haven’t been to concerned about my weight like I used too, since I started this journey. As long as I feel energetic and I am mobile enough to jog 2 miles in 18 minutes I think I am on the correct path.

Anyways I wish you all a Merry Christmas.🎄🎁


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