Day 3 Water Fasting

Not so bad. I feel much more energetic today now that I went through the 3rd day. Usually day 2 I get headaches but this time I think I am much more used to this so it’s a peace of cake. This time I just had water and I didn’t even take vitamins like I usually did in the past.

I will still stay on my fast till Sunday morning and I will feast on Christmas Day. I might choose to fast afterwards till New Year’s Day but we will see.

I hope everyone is having a great week and keep up the good blogging. Especially the food pages I follow. I really enjoy all your input and great recipes. Even though I Fast I still love food and I enjoy good eating.

Thanks everyone.


One Comment on “Day 3 Water Fasting

  1. I hope you continue to water fast! I’ve been water fasting for 22 days now and it was extremely difficult at first but now it’s gotten easier. I will admit, I’m waiting for day 28 to come so I can finally eat again haha best of luck!

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