I watched Star Wars with my kids.

This was a well written movie. They had lots of action but unlike many movies recently they also had well written stories and the acting was good as well. Don’t worry I won’t give away any of the story. I just want to state that I don’t think Lucas could have written this at all. And I cannot believe I said that but it’s true. I heard rumors that some people didn’t like this story line but I thought it was good. I just hope that they keep the stories matched for the next one. And yes in case you didn’t notice Star Wars was always a big part of my life. I remember watching The New Hope on TV when I was very little and I also remember that we had permission to eat popcorn on the couch which was rare back then.

My first Son was born the Year Phantom Menace was released. Anyways I always remember it being there during big moments in my life. I’m sure many people have the same experience.

Have a great night.


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