Is it time to buy bitcoin?

Is it a great time to buy bitcoin? Is it time to hold what you have?

You can always hold bitcoin and you will come out on top in my opinion. Whenever you see bitcoin hit lows it’s a good time if you have the money to invest.

The world of coins is a crazy up and down roller coaster. The funny thing is since I am very slow at writing, as I am writing this I believe that the market is going up right now. I think I have found a good investment. It looks like the only hold on your money or coin is just the first 24 hours. You can pull out your funds at anytime after the 24 hours. And there isn’t any coin conversion. You invest in bitcoin and you gain interest by the hour. Looks risky but I am still going to try it out.

I’ve noticed that every program in the crypto world that all of them are totally risky and I don’t understand why people attack these programs. Plus every program that I see Attacked Almost 99.9% of the time I see the program attackers will say that x company is a scam and the next minute they are pushing a product, program or a coin. They use the negativity to push traffic to their scam. I usually never join a team that starts out bashing another platform or program.



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