Water Fasting

3 full days of water fasting, I’m down 9 pounds. Of course I am weighing myself after I drink plenty of water because I don’t want to give myself a false sense of weight loss. I have already had my blood tested and all my levels are normal. I’m coming up with a break the fast strategy that will be comfortable and easy to do. I actually don’t get hungry anymore. The thing that stops me from temptation is to remember the weight that I was and also if I keep occupied by studying, reading books or meditation/prayer I don’t get tempted. In my experience with fasting it’s always the first 2 days that the temptation is there. One thing I also found helpful was to search for other people’s experiences.

I also want people to know that if you try this please check with your doctor and test yourself in stages to see if your body can do it correctly. I’m not a doctor or a professional in this field. I’m only sharing my experience and if anyone asks me for advice I will only give my opinion and share references to the things I have studied. I will always advise you to go to a doctor and if you do try it it must be your own choice and hopefully you study well before you try it.


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