Water fast day seven

I just realized since I skipped a day to send a message that I am at day seven. I’m nearing the the full eighth day which will be tonight. I’m at 200 pounds with drinking lots of water. Now I decided after day 10 I will do a 4 day Intermittent Fasting and a 3 day Fast until I reach my goal. I’m excited to reach it. I just want to say that the experience is great and it’s easier than I thought it would be. I’ll be honest though I do have moments where it’s very difficult but that’s just the feeling of missing the flavor and the satisfaction of a good meal. Eating is a part of socializing and that can be a little tough but I am just thinking about my future health. I think everyone should at least try a 3 day fast every few weeks because it’s a great way to get in touch of yourself and your self governing for clarity.

I do only say that as a personal opinion because I am not a doctor. So don’t do this because I say so. Do your research and consult your doctor first.


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