Hey everyone it’s another day

I’m starting to get lots of views on my gofundme account. It’s a matter of time before I start getting donations. I’m wanting to do this video blogging social media platform because I want everyone to have their voices heard without media trying to shut them down through pressuring the platform. I’m under the radar now so getting it started will be easier at first. I’m not trying to replace current platforms but I want a place everyone can go. I will not let my politics get in the way of open platform. I’m working on a video to share my idea of how it will work. Hopefully if people chip in a buck or 2 it will start to grow naturally. The funding is so I can focus on starting the platform and put more energy into it. I’m hoping it will be a full time push. Anyways thanks for sharing, liking and following me. You are all the best.

Gofundme for a Free Platform to share your content without being regulated.


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