Day 6 Water Fasting

I’m at day six Water Fasting. I was at 219.8 when I started and that was after eating a few huge meal. I’m now at 207.4. I don’t feel hungry but my mouth just desires food for flavor. Other than that I have lots of energy. Yesterday I was afraid of hitting a plateau so that is why I went for a 5 mile hike/walk. I went with my son Tristin and he was hungry. We went to McDonald’s and the funny thing is when you haven’t eaten in five days even food at McDonald’s smells amazing. I roughed through it with 4 glasses of ice cold water. But this morning weighing myself made it all worth roughing it through my sons meal. 9 more days to go. Of course that depends on my body fat percentage. Anyways I’m doing great. Have a great day. These two meals below are looking more and more a wonderful every day. 😂


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