Paul Hawes

Category: Bitcoin

Is it time to buy bitcoin?

Is it a great time to buy bitcoin? Is it time to hold what you have? You can always hold bitcoin and you will come out on top in my opinion. Whenever you see bitcoin hit lows it’s a good…

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The whole crypto currency market is down today.

Don’t be alarmed that the whole market is down. This is the time to hold coin. And it can be a great time to invest. I’m not giving advice but from experience this is usually a good time to buy….

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1 penny each. It starts in 8 hours from now or 5 am pacific time. Looks good. Just my personal opinion. Check it out. Buy now Digitex Always do your research and never invest what you aren’t willing to lose.

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I don’t pay the 15 dollar transfer fee on coinbase anymore.

How I do it is I go on and log in with the same credentials as coinbase because it’s the same company. Then I go to the accounts and go to the section that has coinbase as one of…

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