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Day 2 of water fasting

I’m on my second day of water fasting and I am down 3 pounds. Wish me luck. I had time to study and clean a little because I had to occupy my time that I normally eat. I have been drinking a lot of water. So far I had a small headache, I think it was just a sugar withdrawal. The reason why I am doing this again after gaining weight is because I wanted to prove that it works and that I can do it again as well. I’m actually hoping I can fast for more than 10 days. Wish me luck and see you tomorrow.


My first day of water fasting.

I gained weight on purpose so I can prove I can lose it again. I’m at 215 and my goal is 170. I’m going to do a 10 day waterfast. After my 10 days I will go on and do intermittent Fasting with 1 meal a day until I reach my goal. I will keep you updated. Of course I am watching my body fat content and I will see where I land. I will do cardio to keep muscle mass. I’m excited because if I go 10 Days I will see how I do and I am actually hoping that I can go a little longer.

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Is it time to buy bitcoin?

Is it a great time to buy bitcoin? Is it time to hold what you have?

You can always hold bitcoin and you will come out on top in my opinion. Whenever you see bitcoin hit lows it’s a good time if you have the money to invest.

The world of coins is a crazy up and down roller coaster. The funny thing is since I am very slow at writing, as I am writing this I believe that the market is going up right now. I think I have found a good investment. It looks like the only hold on your money or coin is just the first 24 hours. You can pull out your funds at anytime after the 24 hours. And there isn’t any coin conversion. You invest in bitcoin and you gain interest by the hour. Looks risky but I am still going to try it out.

I’ve noticed that every program in the crypto world that all of them are totally risky and I don’t understand why people attack these programs. Plus every program that I see Attacked Almost 99.9% of the time I see the program attackers will say that x company is a scam and the next minute they are pushing a product, program or a coin. They use the negativity to push traffic to their scam. I usually never join a team that starts out bashing another platform or program.


The whole crypto currency market is down today.

Don’t be alarmed that the whole market is down. This is the time to hold coin. And it can be a great time to invest. I’m not giving advice but from experience this is usually a good time to buy. Do your research and never invest more than you can. Also when you don’t have anything to invest and all your coins are down, all you need to do is step away from the computer and relax because it usually goes sky high after this.

Good luck and remember investing has always been a business for the strong willed people.

This doesn’t worry me at all just be patient and you will see.

Have a great crypto day. And take a walk and enjoy your day cause soon it will go wild.


Intermittent Fasting update

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well with your dieting and fasting. I choose fasting because it’s much easier and I feel free to eat anything I please. I do stay away from certain foods but there are times when I enjoy eating food that I love.

On my blog I will talk about fasting, Intermittent fasting, hiking and crypto currency. I may pick up other topics because I do want to have this page be about me and the things I love to do. I’m hoping I get the courage to do a video with YouTube soon. I’m a little nervous but I’m sure it will pass.

Anyways my fellow health nuts. I hope that information I give on here is beneficial andou you have any questions please let me know. And if you need some information about fasting and need help finding a plan to fit your lifestyle, I will be happy to help you out.

By the way I lost 8 pounds since New Year’s Day. I’m back on path to my goal. I don’t look at the scale very often because I know it’s always changing but it’s nice to know that I can fit clothes I used to fit. And the best part is all my jeans are too big. I guess I should go shopping because my belt doesn’t fit either. 😂

Have a great night guys. I hope you enjoyed your MLK Day.


1 penny each. It starts in 8 hours from now or 5 am pacific time. Looks good. Just my personal opinion. Check it out.

Buy now Digitex

Always do your research and never invest what you aren’t willing to lose.

Fasting and intermittent fasting

I do both water fasting and intermittent fasting. Every month I Fast at least once for 3 to five days. But with my intermittent fasting I usually eat at 4 and 7 I am usually done eating by 8. I don’t go exact time every day because I believe that this is a lifestyle choice and on weekends I sometimes eat between 12-4. But if I have plans to go out and eat I simply change my window to adjust to my social life. There isn’t any reason to torture yourself with a schedule that you always have to obey. I believe that we also need the social eating with our friends and loved ones to continue having a healthy and successful lifestyle.

Soon I am going to design a simple schedule that I follow and I am going to make it adjustable for you to change. I’m working on making a free version with minimal ads and a 10 dollar app that has no ads.

Alright I got to go. Have a great Sunday and enjoy your time with your family and friends.

My Intermittent Fasting update. January 2018

I’m very happy that I lost the weight I gained over the holidays. I have been doing a strict fast. Since the New Year I have only been eating one meal a day.

To be honest from eating lots of sweet food and pastries I had a headache the first day but now I’m good.

I do hope everyone else out there is safely fasting and listening to their bodies.

Have a great day.

I don’t pay the 15 dollar transfer fee on coinbase anymore.

How I do it is I go on and log in with the same credentials as coinbase because it’s the same company. Then I go to the accounts and go to the section that has coinbase as one of my accounts. I choose the currency that I purchased and I transfer it over with zero fees. From there I can send coins to any platform I choose without any charges.

I did my research and I found this method because it wasn’t very pleasant to send 30 dollars and only receive 15 on the other end. I hope this helps.

If you want 10 dollars for free when you purchase your first 100 dollars or more on coinbase. Sign up through my link.

Have a wonderful night.