Paul Hawes

Why I think louder with crowder is hilarious.

99810DA5-4BC7-4425-9726-00E45FF6CD5FI came across this guy on YouTube and I think it’s great. He puts a comical spin on politics and does a good job putting out his views. I may not agree with everything he has to offer but it’s a great platform and lots of comedy. If you want to laugh and still hear politics then it’s what you are looking for.



Great video of why the electoral college helps America stay free.

I thought this video was a good explanation of the electoral college . (I don’t have any direct affiliation with the site that posted this video other than following their page.)

Hiking with my son and scout group. Hiking the Sister mountains in Central Oregon

This is my new blog


I’m starting this blog to let everyone know who I am and so I can control the content that is on my media. I’m working on it so please bare with me on all of my pages. I just started this today and will have it all up and running as soon as I can.  And FYI I’m not a professional writer so just take it as is. Thanks