Paul Hawes


New Intermittent Fasting Guide

Fasting Guide I added a few IF methods on a slide show. I will keep upgrading it and adding more information to it later. Let me know if there is any information you would like to add to it. Thank…

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Intermittent Fasting

I hope everyone finds a way to stay healthy I have been enjoying intermittent fasting and I also implement keto dieting occasionally because it helps my fat burning out. If anyone has good recipes please post links or the recipes…

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Water fast day seven

I just realized since I skipped a day to send a message that I am at day seven. I’m nearing the the full eighth day which will be tonight. I’m at 200 pounds with drinking lots of water. Now I…

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Water Fasting day 4

I’m down 1 more pound. I am craving food today but I think it’s just because I miss the flavor of certain foods. I’m fine though. I think it’s natural to feel this way. I don’t feel hungry like crazy….

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Water Fasting

3 full days of water fasting, I’m down 9 pounds. Of course I am weighing myself after I drink plenty of water because I don’t want to give myself a false sense of weight loss. I have already had my…

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Intermittent Fasting update

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well with your dieting and fasting. I choose fasting because it’s much easier and I feel free to eat anything I please. I do stay away from certain foods but there are…

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