Paul Hawes


The whole crypto currency market is down today.

Don’t be alarmed that the whole market is down. This is the time to hold coin. And it can be a great time to invest. I’m not giving advice but from experience this is usually a good time to buy….

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It’s almost that time of year!!! Christmas

I’m not afraid to say it,  Merry Christmas everyone, I hope that everyone has a great time with their loved ones and if you aren’t Christian it’s ok just remember to share your time with the ones you love. I’m…

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My Litecoin account today.

My Litecoin went from 95 dollars on Friday to today being at a peak of 400 dollars. I snapped a photo at 373 dollars. I’m hoping for it to Litecoin to jump to 1000 soon. Just thought I would share…

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